Electrical Contractors Since 1981


Safety & Quality

are our passion


Our aim is to create a great place for our employees to work, therefore empowering each other to be our best for our customers. We labor to make a dependable electrical installation our customers can count on to work each and every time. When there is a need for electrical maintenance, we hope to earn the trust of customers by being available every time they call without hesitation. But, we are much more than just a quality and premier contractor.

Craft Electric is a family, a team, and a partnership in order to provide the best experience not only for our customer and communities but for each other. We are specific in everything we do and say. We work tirelessly as a group to create a culture of positive attitudes, high morals, and respect. We aim to do things a bit different than most construction contractors. Our ultimate goal is to create a company that is sustainable and long lasting, that provides a great place to work, is trusted, is empathetic, and that is willing to do whatever it takes to do the job right. We work hard and we are nice and we have done this since 1981. 

We are Craft Electric. 

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